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The sky is not completely dark at night. Were the sky absolutely dark, one would not be able to see the silhouette of an object against the sky.

  • On Blackness

    What is, a weapon?

    A sharp thing, a loaded thing, a fiery thing, a hard thing, a hidden thing, a deadly thing.

    What is a weapon?

    Usually, it’s some object, some rage, but not a human being, being.

    But in America. The “U.S.” The US.

    The wrong skin color – black skin color – is a threat beyond belief.

    They say things are not black and white, but it’s clear that white perceives black as too much to handle.

    Black coffee eyes, black nose, black lips, kinky curly fibers reaching for the sun, black velvet drip makes my melanated tint a force to be reckoned with.

    The craze in your eyes, the fire that burns as I have the nerve to question how you show up in this world. How your twisted lip, empty words and tap, tap, tap on the cell phone screen scream to me.

    Your anger masks itself as fear while you seek power over my black self, my black body, my black voice holding up a mirror to yourself.

    You lie, you scream, you see how far you can go to treat me how you want to treat me…disrespect my divinity…

    Even when the black berry is sweet, even when it’s being the way it was born to be. Even when I am being what this place has made me.

    When I walk down the street…what do you see?

    Glory, beauty, elegance, glamour?

    If you leave it only to what you see on screens, nothing is good, or lovely, or pure or virtuous about me.

    Turn my blackness into a weapon so you can sit in your privilege and point your finger at the expense of my life, my being, my existence.

    Who do you think you are? To decide that your prerogative is more worthy, more glorious, more valuable than mine?

    How dare you believe that you alone are worthy of being?

    Is it that much of a dream to be peacefully, in this black body, this Earth-blessed skin, this voice that souls hear, this magic that only the Creator could give?

    My blackness, her blackness, his blackness, their blackness…is not your property, your perverse tool, your thing, your option to use as you choose.

    This blackness, her blackness, his blackness, their blackness is what the universe is made of. Listen, and you will hear it. Watch, and you will see it. Behold, and you will sense it.

    Respect it. Love it. Experience it. Or not. Either way, it will always b(lack) e(xcellence).

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    A new day

    There’s something deep inside of my soul that’s yearning to be known. I can feel it rising up beneath my skin, bubbling to the surface of my being.

    All the pain that wouldn’t let go. The joy that didn’t have any other place to rest.

    The grief that almost had me believing the best way to survive was for my soul to go home.


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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! May 2018 be a year of blessings, growth, dreams coming true, and creating your best life! What are your prayers, hopes and dreams for 2018?


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    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

    May your heart be full of love, joy, hope and peace during this holiday season!


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    Freedom Friday – 10.20.17

    In many ways, society has bought into the notion that our focus is to acquire people, things, ideas, places, etc. None of these by themselves bring true, everlasting, abundant joy, peace, or strength. What offers this and so much more, is giving – of self, of time, wisdom, love, comfort, encouragement, knowledge, experiences, healing, etc.


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    Wednesday Wisdom Word – 10.18.17

    Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from people not because of who they are or what they’ve done or failed to do, but because of who we become when we’re connected to them.


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    Motivation Monday – 10.16.17

    Over the weekend, and even today, countless people, including myself, across all skin hues, ages, backgrounds, and genders/gender non-conforming, etc. have used the hashtag #metoo to share with the world that they’re survivors of sexual assault or harassment, or both, and to create awareness.


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The sky is not completely dark at night. Were the sky absolutely dark, one would not be able to see the silhouette of an object against the sky.

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