A new day

There’s something deep inside of my soul that’s yearning to be known. I can feel it rising up beneath my skin, bubbling to the surface of my being.

All the pain that wouldn’t let go. The joy that didn’t have any other place to rest.

The grief that almost had me believing the best way to survive was for my soul to go home.

Life has this way of wringing out the best of us by beating us down with the worst thing we could ever imagine.

But the moments I can see, taste, hear and touch the other side of the storm help me hold on so I can revel in the glory of the rainbow.

I never knew pain could feel so real. I never knew it could be so good.

For the becoming, discovering, knowing, me. One day at a time, one sunrise and sunset at a time.

I’m thankful for the day pain taught me how sweet life can be. Every minute I breathe is a gift to cleave to.

There won’t be a day I can ignore the sky, or forget about the stars, or walk pass flowers without whispering “hello”.

Life is a treasure to be protected, loved, appreciated and made worthwhile. Period.

This is my lesson on this new day. This new beginning. My new chapter.

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