The Mountains That Made Me | My First Short Doc

The Mountains That Made Me Video Thumbnail by Sharee Silerio

So…I’ve been SO nervous to share this, but a friend at #mastHERclass, an event this past weekend, encouraged me to do it. So here it is!

This project is SO close to my heart. It took a lot of blood, sweat, tears and love to make it happen. It’s my baby. It encapsulates everything I want to gift to the world as far as creating films and content. The purpose of everything I do is to affirm, heal, and uplift black women and girls, empowering them to become their best selves and live their best lives! This journey, just like anything else in life, has not been without its challenges.

A FEW things went wrong while filming, lol – the camera battery died TWICE, I had to change memory cards TWICE, then the audio recorder’s battery died. Some of the footage I originally shot didn’t fit with my vision nor what I wanted the piece to be, so I reshot it. Therefore, 99% of the b-roll (footage where the subject isn’t speaking) was shot with my iPhone.

Sierra Dean, thank you SO much for your generosity, transparency, grace, patience and willingness to sit with me and tell me your story. I do not take it lightly when someone opens their heart and life to my exploration, mind, heart, and camera. Here’s the beginning of my journey to create with all that is in my heart, soul, and being. I hope you all enjoy it and I thank you SO much for watching. Love ya! 🎬💖🎥💫 #blackfilmmaker #blackdirector #blackwomaninfilm #blackfemaleinfilm #screenwriter #blackscreenwriter

Take a look at my first short documentary!

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