She IS (A Poem)

She Is A Poem Featured Image with Black Woman in Sunflower Field Looking

Sweet as honey, wrapped in soul, wisdom and truth.

A Black butterfly, with nothing to prove.

Words shine light on her heart’s deepest cries.

She’s a blank canvas. Masterpiece in quiet.


Her heart is searching for answers.

Who am I? What am I made of?

Who can I be? Where should I go?

Only the One who created her knows.


Finding and losing herself in loneliness, grief and angst.

Is the only way to make sense of her pain.


She dreams of places and people that don’t exist.

They show her what lies beneath her consciousness.


Joy, insecurity, hazy vision, masked emotions, hope.

What does she do when the unknown won’t let her go?


She’s stuck in herself. What she can’t see but wants to believe.

All she longs to be is free.


She draws into herself, looks to the sky.

Waiting for a divine reply.

The Creator of the Universe, author of her life, keeper of her soul, lover of her being.

Whispers in her ear, filling her heart and mind with what to conceive.


You are made of joy, pain, beauty, broken pieces, memories that won’t leave you, darkness that light shines through, moments you don’t think you will get through, hope, love, wisdom, and truth.


These are just some of the things.

Everything you are is made whole with all of me.


Tears escape her eyes, caress her face.

Healing flows through her veins.


She smiles from the depths of LOVE’s unconditional love, patience and care.

Renewing her, reminding her of what she knew but could not hear.


She’s a queen. A force. Divine. Life. A jewel. Precious.

One of a kind. Worthy. Enough. Capable. Unstoppable. Everything.

All God wants her to be. All God made her to be.

In heart. In soul. In mind. From the inside out.

Be loved. Love you. Be love.


*Photo Credit: CreateHER Stock

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