4 Affirmations to Change Your Life

4 Affirmations to Change Your Life Featured Image with Black Woman Smiling in Flowers

Before a year ago, I looked for approval, acceptance and confirmation of my value from outward sources – friends, family, male attention, my work performance, how others treated me and what they said about me.

This often left me empty, confused, emotionally unstable and insecure.

Last May, I started writing affirmations in my journal every Sunday then reciting them daily for the week. With each day, I could feel my confidence, self-worth and joy rise.

Just in case you’re wondering, the definition of affirm is to: “validate, confirm”; “to state positively”; “to say that something is true in a confident way.”

My affirmations focus on proclaiming my worth, abilities, potential, goals, wishes and dreams, my inner and outward beauty, wisdom and truth about who I am.

It’s important that we learn to encourage ourselves, because sometimes that’s all we have.

As I did this, I noticed that my thinking became more positive, and I even found myself believing in the affirmations I read and said.

They have also helped me to redesign the ways I operate; to break old habits and create new ones.

Our brain controls our thoughts; and our thoughts influence our emotions; which often dictate what we do and say; and our actions shape the life we live.

Therefore, reading and reciting affirmations creates new default thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

For example; one of my current affirmations is “I will treat my time as a gift from God. I will use every moment wisely – to build the legacy God has for me, to pursue and fulfill His purpose for my life.”

Since I started this affirmation, I have noticed that during the day, when I’m working at home, and even in my free time, I spend much less time aimlessly browsing social media and the internet.

You might be wondering; why do I need affirmations?

Well, there are several reasons. You can use them to claim what you want versus what you have or currently see; to declare who and what you want to be instead of who and what you currently are; and to fill your heart with what it needs (love, joy, peace, comfort, etc.), among other things.

So you might be asking; how do I create an affirmation? Well, love, I invite you to keep reading.


The key to affirmations is listening to your heart, soul and mind to determine what you need, whether it be inspiration, positive thinking, confidence, healing or love.

I start my affirmations in four ways, depending on the area in my life I want to build up.

Here are the four ways I normally start my affirmations, including examples.

  1. I am…focused, fierce and faithful to my calling; loved, beautiful.
  2. I can…do anything I put my mind, heart and soul to.
  3. I will…fulfill my dreams, no matter what it takes.
  4. I have…all of the knowledge, resources and energy I need to get through today.

For the last year, starting each day with a devotional then reading or reciting my affirmations has changed my life. It’s what I turn to when I’m feeling lost, depressed, inadequate, confused, lonely or fearful. It’s what has renewed and strengthened my heart, soul and mind from day to day.

The good thing about affirmations is that they don’t only help you, but they teach you how to build others up too.

Have you used affirmations to build your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing? How can affirmations help you?

Be loved. Love you. Be love.


*Photo Credit: Brown Girl Bloggers

2 responses to “4 Affirmations to Change Your Life”

  1. Great subject! As people we can rely heavily on others to build us up, but I’ve learned how to build myself up. I have used affirmations, but I refer to mine as FAITH confessions because they are based on the Word of GOD.. Building yourself up takes Faith, strength, and encouragement.. I first began saying Faith confessions with my Church when we were believing GOD for something and it came to pass, so I applied it to my life. In the beginning I would say about 10 every morning, but now it’s increased!!!! If I had to guess, I would say 80, but it could be more! I believe it increased because I was seeing a return on what I was confessing and my list kept growing as my needs changed.. I feel rejuvenated, stronger, confident, bolder, more focused, and at peace. My day doesn’t flow right when I don’t get to say them. I believe everyone should make confessions or affirmations. Thank you for another platform to express myself! 🙂

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    1. Thank you!

      Yes, definitely! All of my affirmations are based on faith, what God says and believes about who I am, who He created me to be! I tune in to myself, get connected with God, and get each of my affirmations from the Holy Spirit. God knows what I need before I do a lot of the time.


      You’re very welcome and thank you SO MUCH for reading and commenting!


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